"Not All Who Wander Are Lost"

Adventure Pilgrimage: The Shroud of Turin

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The Shroud of Turin is the burial cloth of Jesus. At the moment of resurrection, his Holy Image was passed on to the shroud. The Shroud was moved to different locations through its 2,000 years of existence. Its current location is in Turin, Italy. The Shroud is exposed to the public for short weeks every twenty-five years. The last exposition occurred during April and May of this year. With a small backpack in hand and a good book about the Shroud, I went forth in an adventure pilgrimage from Africa to Italy to seek this Holy Relic.

Turin is one of those places on earth that makes you think you have travelled in time. My first impression once I entered the city was one of being inside a time capsule. The buildings arose just like giant knights sallying forth to an adventure. The Hoy Catholic Churches stood firm like archangels guarding a sacred place. The Shroud was inside one of those catholic Cathedrals which transport your senses and your soul into heaven. Much beauty and harmony were inside where the Shroud was exposed.   

My friend and I, a fellow pilgrim in this adventure pilgrimage, awaited in a long line to see the Shroud. After a quick movie introduction in a room, we were led to the Shroud, which was located in front of the Holy of Holies in the Cathedral. The line moved slowly and we were excited with anticipation of the opportunity to be just a few feet from the Holy Image of our Savior. The Church maintains a low light profile so that pilgrims can see the Shroud and its Holy Image.   

Once we were in front of the Shroud, I perceived that time stood still. Here, in front of me, is the Image of “ecce Agnus Dei qui tolis peccata mundi”.   

 It was a humbling experience.  Amen.


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