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Greetings, Fellow Adventurers & Explorers!

Fellow Adventurers, Explorers, Travelers: Adventure, exploration, travel...these exciting words evoke a sense for discovery. Allow me to share with you some of my explorations to such faraway and mysterious places from Machu Pichu, Peru, to Tiwanaku, Bolivia, to Petra, Jordan, to the jungles of West Africa, to Teotihuacan and the pyramids in Mexico, to Cusco, Peru...to adventurous pilgrimages seeking the Veronica Veil in a monastery high in the Italian mountains, the Holy Grail in a church in Valencia, Spain, to Israel and the Holy Land, the Shroud of Turin in Italy, and the Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia...to adventure trekking in the Himalayas, Nepal, and adventure camping in the Arabian Desert in Jordan...to crossing paths with an exploding volcano in the Far East...seeking hidden treasures in the Arizona desert...and other adventurous stories...As the American explorer Roy Chapman Andrews stated, “Always there has been an adventure just around the corner...and the world is still full of corners!”, the world awaits to be explored and discovered. May our paths cross someday in a dusty and unexplored corner of the world. George "Indy" in Africa


African Adventure

Dear Reader, fellow traveller, this is an update to a previous post. In this post, I just want to share with all of you some magnificent photos I took for the last two years in Africa. Africa is adventurous, mysterious, incredible…..These photos were taken in West Africa. The African sunsets are powerful, rich in deep colors, and very warm. The jungles are amazingly rich green and with a lot of “jungle sounds”. The country I lived in the last couple of years was a former Spanish colony and therefore its buildings and architecture is of Spanish flavor. Enjoy!

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Adventure Pilgrimage: The Holy Grail

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Another amazing adventure occurred this summer – I had the privilege of an adventurous pilgrimage to see the Holy Grail. Many people think that the Holy Grail is lost forever to history and time. But, there is a Cathedral in Valencia Spain, which claims to have the Real Sangreal. Popes have visited the Cathedral  of Valencia to venerate this holy relic, including Pope John Paul II in 1982 and most recently, Pope Benedict XVI in 2006. Many people also have travel from faraway places around the world to visit and venerate this holy relic. The actual history behind the Holy Grail is more grandiose than the version in the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade movie. Read the rest of this page »

Adventure Pilgrimage: The Holy Sudarium

During the summer of 2010, I had the opportunity to engage in another blessed adventurous pilgrimage. This time I visited Oviedo, Spain, where the Holy Sudarium of Jesus is kept safe. The Cathedral of San Salvador preserves this amazing relic. The Holy Sudarium, as the reader shall see in this communiqué, is connected to two other holy relics – the Shroud of Turin and the Veil of Veronica. I visited the exposition of the Shroud of Turin, in Turin, Italy during May2010 and the Veil of Veronica in Manoppello, Italy, this past summer. The reader can read in more detail in this website my posts about these two previous pilgrimages. 

The Holy Sudarium is a cloth measuring approximately 84 x 53 cm. There is no image on this cloth. The only thing visible to the naked eye are some stains, although more is visible under the microscope. The remarkable thing about this cloth is that both tradition and scientific studies claim that the cloth was used to cover and clean the face of Jesus after the crucifixion.  Read the rest of this page »

Adventure Pilgrimage – The Veil of Veronica

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 The Veil of Veronica can be seen in the Stations of the Cross inside any Catholic Church. It is the veil depicted as having the Face of Jesus. It is not to be confused with the Shroud of Turin in Turin, Italy, or the Holy Sudarium in Oviedo, Spain (more on the Holy Sudarium when I visit Oviedo in September 2010). This is the veil that was placed on the face of Jesus at his burial inside the tomb. I had the amazing opportunity to travel from 8 – 12 July 2010 to a monastery high in the mountains in Manoppello, Italy to witness the Veil of Veronica. This was an amazing and incredible experience to be just about two feet from the Veronica Veil. To add certain degree of authenticity for those that may find this incredible to believe, Pope Benedict visited the Veil of Veronica a couple of years ago. Read the rest of this page »

Adventure Pilgrimage: Ark of the Covenant

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A few weeks ago I had the blessed opportunity to engage in an adventure pilgrimage to be at the location where the locals have a strong and long tradition that the Ark of the Covenant rests in a church in Axum, Ethiopia. The tradition holds that the Ark of the Covenant is at St Mary of Zion Church in Axum. This tradition is based on actual historical facts and all indications demonstrate that the Ark is inside St Mary of Zion Church. Although many locations around the globe have been indicated to have the Ark, such as in Egypt, underground in Jerusalem, or even in England, no other location as Axum comes close in terms of historical evidence, tradition, and faith. Read the rest of this page »

Adventure Pilgrimage: The Shroud of Turin

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The Shroud of Turin is the burial cloth of Jesus. At the moment of resurrection, his Holy Image was passed on to the shroud. The Shroud was moved to different locations through its 2,000 years of existence. Its current location is in Turin, Italy. The Shroud is exposed to the public for short weeks every twenty-five years. The last exposition occurred during April and May of this year. With a small backpack in hand and a good book about the Shroud, I went forth in an adventure pilgrimage from Africa to Italy to seek this Holy Relic. Read the rest of this page »

The Philosophy of Adventure

Adventure is a state of mind. Adventure can be literally a walk at a park near your house, or engaging in a voyage thousands of miles away from home. Adventure can be a great trip in your home state or a trip overseas to a far and away location. Adventure can be accomplished alone or with a team. Adventure also can be done with family and children. Your state of mind is what decides whether you are on an adventure or misadventure.  Read the rest of this page »

Adventure Travel: Ethiopia – Rock Hewn Churches

A few weeks ago I travelled to Ethiopia, Africa. These are some photos of the amazing rock-hewn churches in Lalibela, built during the fourth Century. These churches are considered one of the seven wonders of the world. They were chiseled down from bare rock, including the interior, which is a fully functional church. They are used even to this day. 

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