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Adventure Pilgrimage – The Veil of Veronica

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 The Veil of Veronica can be seen in the Stations of the Cross inside any Catholic Church. It is the veil depicted as having the Face of Jesus. It is not to be confused with the Shroud of Turin in Turin, Italy, or the Holy Sudarium in Oviedo, Spain (more on the Holy Sudarium when I visit Oviedo in September 2010). This is the veil that was placed on the face of Jesus at his burial inside the tomb. I had the amazing opportunity to travel from 8 – 12 July 2010 to a monastery high in the mountains in Manoppello, Italy to witness the Veil of Veronica. This was an amazing and incredible experience to be just about two feet from the Veronica Veil. To add certain degree of authenticity for those that may find this incredible to believe, Pope Benedict visited the Veil of Veronica a couple of years ago. (more…)


Adventure Pilgrimage: Ark of the Covenant

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A few weeks ago I had the blessed opportunity to engage in an adventure pilgrimage to be at the location where the locals have a strong and long tradition that the Ark of the Covenant rests in a church in Axum, Ethiopia. The tradition holds that the Ark of the Covenant is at St Mary of Zion Church in Axum. This tradition is based on actual historical facts and all indications demonstrate that the Ark is inside St Mary of Zion Church. Although many locations around the globe have been indicated to have the Ark, such as in Egypt, underground in Jerusalem, or even in England, no other location as Axum comes close in terms of historical evidence, tradition, and faith. (more…)